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Feed Your Competitive Edge

Feed Your Competitive Edge!

It's a weekend morning, the sun has risen and before you've had chance to put the kettle on your partner has already flown out the door and off to kick a ball or swing a golf club round for the morning. You'd like to get involved playing a game but you've been left with your energetic kids and a playful pet to keep you occupied. If you’re someone who still wants to bring out your competitive edge there is one ball sport sweeping the nation that doesn't result in bruised knees.

Many people take to the internet to play bingo games with recent polls suggesting that 3.4 million people play online, making it one of the fastest growing social activities in the UK. With the additional social aspect of live chatrooms, it also gives you the opportunity to join friends online for a catch up, possibly pool together as a team or meet completely new people. Plus with hundreds of different varieties of the game to choose from available all day long, it allows people the time for fast paced play with the ability to still take that important call or clean your kids crayon marks off the wall!

You can kick off with an account in minutes meaning you can play instantly online or on your smartphone at times that fit around your lifestyle. So whilst your partner maybe stood on a cold, wet field waiting for a game to start, you can be already halfway through a bingo card bringing home some money rather than grass-stained kit! All without having to leave your front room!

Got extra time? If your interest extends beyond 90 minutes and you still have the bug for competitive play, there are plenty of other games to quench your thirst from online poker, roulette wheels, slot machines and more. So who knows? Next weekend you may come to the laptop and find that the other half has replaced his boots for a bingo card! Did someone shout 'substitution'?