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Advantages of Online Bingo

Doing some homework and playing at various online bingo halls does have it's advantages...

Don't Just Join One Online Bingo Site

Shop Around And Cash In

Play At Various Online Bingo HallsOnline bingo is big news today. Whereas the land-based bingo game had a particular niche market – usually older ladies who enjoyed a weekly run out to the local bingo hall, the online bingo player is a little different. Of course, you do get silver surfers who have converted to playing bingo online, but the vast majority of players are young and of both sexes.

If you're new to online bingo, you can choose from many different sites to play on, and actually it could be well worth your while joining a number of sites. As competition for players is so strong, there is usually a welcome bonus to be had from each site that you join. So shop around and have a look at what each bingo site is offering new account holders. For example, on Chitchat Bingo, there's a welcome bonus of 400%. So if you deposit £10, the site will credit you with another £40, giving you a starting pot of £50*. Many of the bingo and casino sites have similar incentives to join, and there's no harm in trying out a few different sites to see what the games are like and being rewarded with free credit in the process.

Online bingo is different to the traditional version as you don't need to have eyes down and concentrating on your numbers. You can choose between playing 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and other variations of the game. The software marks off the numbers for you automatically, leaving you free to concentrate on other things. Try out different games on the site and enter the chat rooms to meet and socialise with other players. In fact, there are often mini-games to play in the chat rooms, which can lead to cash prizes and free games of bingo.

Whether you plan to spend a whole evening playing bingo online, or you just have five minutes to kill while waiting for a bus, once you've joined a few different bingo sites and built up your welcome bonuses, you'll have plenty of credit available to play wherever and whenever you feel like it!

* Check the site's Terms & Conditions relating to the mentioned bonus.